Pastor: Chuck Miller

Deacon: Phyllis Cox

Organist: Pam Stump

Choir Director: 

Wheatland Evangelical Lutheran Church

Members of Church Council:

Lyndan Simpson, President

Dwight Ayers, Vice-President

Ron Smith, Secretary

Otto Keesling

Terri Slusser

Kevin Loope

Dameon Dudding, Youth Representative Misty Wood, Treasurer

Jenna Bill, Financial Secretary

Pam Stump, Teller

Natalie Haley, Newsletter Editor

​​​​​​Our Vision

To be the church​ on the hill, gathered by the light of God's amazing grace in Jesus Christ, and sent into our community to give witness to that light in word and deed.

Our Mission

As God's "church on the hill," we are called to gather in worship around Word and Sacrament, to celebrate God's gifts and experience God's saving grace. In seeking to be a beacon of Christ's light in our families and communities, our congregation endeavors to grow in its commitments to do the following:​

  • Welcome          all to share in God's grace, forgiveness, and love
  • Hear                   God's word proclaimed and taught in worship and study
  • Encourage        each other in Christian discipleship and stewardship of life
  • Assemble          regularly for worship and praise, fellowship and support
  • Tell                     others, through word and deed, of God's love for the world
  • Learn                  about God's activity in our world by participating in Christian education
  • Act                      compassionately in service to our congregation, community and world
  • Nurture             each other's gifts and talents for service
  • Develop             ministries and facilities that empower our mission